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Educating and Providing Resources for Health...
Emotionally, Intellectually, Spiritually and Physically

Murray Method Russian Program
for the General Public

Who May Attend:


Requirements For Attendance:

Each participant should:

  • Be at least eighteen years of age;
  • Be sober from alcohol and drugs and in recovery, with no relapses,
    for a minimum of one year;
  • Have a commitment to personal growth;
  • Have a willingness to be open, honest and to address own issues;
  • Be responsive to both cognitive and experiential work;
  • Participate in small groups;
  • Be willing to commit time for both class work and home tasks;
  • Honor punctuality;
  • Attend all classes and groups;
  • Complete all home tasks, as assigned, prior to beginning of class.

These sessions are not intended to be therapy sessions. The Teaching Team reserves the right to determine whether or not a person is appropriate for the seminars.

If you are in emotional and/or mental distress, please seek a psychological professional for personal therapy — when (if) the professional determines you are appropriate for these sessions, please bring a written statement of that fact and the Teaching Team will determine whether admittance is permitted.


Certificates for each Level will be provided by the sponsoring agency.

Certificates will not be given if a participant:

  • Is late more than one time,
    Misses any class or group time,
    Does not do all homework as assigned, or
    Does not have homework finished before class time.

Time Schedule:

Basic Class - Forty Hours

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