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The Murray Method Russian Program

Project: Restoration Russia - Helping Russians Save Their Children, Their Families and Themselves enables Russian health professionals, educators, and clergy to learn theoretical concepts and methods for The Treatment of Trauma, Abuse and Deprivation and their correlation with addictions. In experiential training sessions they are taught how to use this treatment method with their clients, students and parishioners and at the same time, they also are gaining healing for their own emotional and spiritual wounds. As a result they are energized by the dramatic life changes they are experiencing personally and the changes they have observed in their fellow participants. They are learning how to be responsible for their own actions and are developing into wonderful, healthy balanced persons.

The participants pay a nominal fee for these sessions as their incomes as health professionals and clergy are very small. All expenses not covered by registration fees are paid by Health Restoration International, Ltd. which includes costs for teachers, translators, materials, and also for a portion of traveling and lodging expenses for participants who travel long distances to the sessions.

Ms. Murray also is a pro bono guest professor for Moscow State University of Psychology and Education which is providing on-going post-graduate training for psychologists, psychiatrists, and directors of family counseling centers specializing in the treatment of abused children and their families. In addition, pro bono trainings have been given for the Department of Social Protection for the City of Moscow which includes employees and directors of counseling centers for abused children, orphanages, and addiction rehabilitation centers.

In order for you to better understand what is being taught, we have provided a description on this website of the Murray Method Programs for:

The above descriptions will show what each participant can expect to receive from the Murray Method program and what is required from each participant if they are accepted in into the training.

We encourage you to read the Participant Comments from the trainings and also to visit the Photo Gallery which displays photos of many of the participants and also of their work. We think you will find this to be most interesting.

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