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From Participants of The Murray Method

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Vadim: What a great training! It's like a revelation for me! It's genius - difficult things are presented in a very simple and comprehensive manner.
Olga: During this training, I received the opportunity to learn a great deal about myself and to become more joyous, happy and free. I saw the new possibilities and perspectives for growth in my life. As a physician I also gained some new important professional experience that I am certain will help my patients immensely.
Elena: Many 'miracles' happened during the training - many lives turned to a better way of life and higher self-esteem. This seminar helped me to become more confident and loving. The world becomes more comfortable and safe for me.
Sergey: Participation in this training turned to be very helpful experience for me and it had played a great practical role in my recovery. It is almost incomprehensible and has a deep spiritual meaning for me. I am deeply moved by your helping activity. I am a psychologist and am eager to use this method with my clients.
Margarita: I am in my sixties and am finally learning how to become a Healthy Balanced Person. I believe my life is changing because of this Training because I now am able to understand myself and others. The knowledge I received in this Training will help me to establish healthy relationships with my children and will be useful in my work with codependent clients.
Alexander: This training gave me the opportunity to look deeply inside myself. It has helped me to know myself better and it had shown me the ways for development and transformation of my own and other people's personalities. As a psychologist, it was very important for me that this training originated from Marilyn's own experience, and to know how that experience created a unique, realistic theory and treatment method.
Vera: I found new freedom of my soul during these days!
Natalya: I, and many other needy people who were striving for healthy personalities, healthy families and healthy relationships, had the opportunity to find a vision and an understanding of the ways and methods that can help us to achieve these goals. We already are gaining practical results and seeing actual changes.
Tatyana: Although I am already 49 years old, I now know that I am also a human being and that I live and feel!!!
Andjela: This Training has turned out to be God's blessing for me. Now I see that we all are individual and unique. All we are gifted by God and a Natural Child lives inside each of us, locked in a grips of unhealthy pattern of behavior. During this training my Natural Child had got the right to express all her emotions, feelings, and needs and now has become free
Nellie: I have been using the Murray Method in my sponsorship work in AA. It works perfectly!
Ruslan: I work with alcoholics and drug addicts in prisons and also in a rehabilitation center. I myself have been free from these addictions for six years. I am so very thankful for these training seminars which have greatly changed my life, both personally and professionally. I now am a new person who is loving and understanding to my wife. She came to these trainings also, and we both are working on being Healthy Balanced Persons and also to provide a loving home for our future children. We are committed to breaking the chains of dysfunction that have bound our families for generations!
Nadia: This training taught me clear, straight-forward, reasonable ways of working with psychological trauma. I am a psychiatrist and was surprised by the unexpectedly simple and striking method of material exposition.
Julia: This was magnificent opportunity to understand myself better.
Elena: This method is a perfect tool to work with pain, defenses, and addictions. It has enlarged my possibilities as a therapist to help others gently and delicately.
Nadejda: This training taught me to understand myself better and it helped me to accept myself - for the first time. It has given me an inner strength and trust to the world outside me.
Volodia: I have been through this course several times and continue to learn new things each time I attend. I find that it also helps to strengthen the skills I gained in the previous trainings. I have found this method to be a great tool for working with my clients and their families.
Anya: I am a psychologist and I am working in a rehabilitation center for alcoholics and addicts and now I will carry the message of hope and health to my patients. I am also an alcoholic in recovery for almost 6 years and I found myself in a situation when 12 steps program could not help me with my problems, which had started in my childhood. God has help me though this training and I am very thankful. That is a salvation! I was at a deadlock and this training helped me to find a way out.
Maxim: I have gained a deeper understanding of roots of addictions and now see many possibilities in working with my clients as I use this promising new method.
Natasha: This seminar was very special because I couldn't bear my pain in my soul any more and I found life and hope here - for the first time!
Lena: I am a psychologist and was living through the most tragic moment of my life, when my phone rang and I received an invitation to the seminar. I think a miracle made it possible and it was a divine appointment. I am very thankful that it had happened right in time, when I was most needed in it. My thankfulness is so big that I hardly could find words to express it.
Vera: I thank God for the ability to receive such valuable, unique training. I now am able to take this method back to my city, Nizhni Novgorod.
Tatyana: I do not feel myself a victim any more. I gained inner joy and hope that I would be able to burst bonds of my unhappiness and misfortune. I am a doctor, and now I pray that I also would be able to make my own impact in helping people in Russia.
Olga: This seminar is like an electric power station, which gives energy for many people - it seminar helped me to grow young again, to belong to another generation.
Ludmila: The Murray Method is like a beacon for ships which are in a midst of sea storm. The method beacons people who are like ships that took an aberrant course. Then the method helps those ships/people to come back to their harbors, where they are safe, loved and cared about. As a psychologist, and as a person - I rate the Murray Method very high.
Alexei: I gained new knowledge, new experience in expressing my feelings, and in making healthy relationships with people - all of which are very important in solving personal and professional problems.
Marina: I wish you could feel my joy and amazement during and after the seminar. I could not see my own face, but other peoples faces become softer, genuine and all became beauties and much better than before! You would enjoy listening to our childlike laughter and our ability to talk about our inner world (and not about problems of other people). Almost all participants were codependent caretakers, which thanks to this method regained their abilities to care about themselves. I also received relief from my depression of many years. I am a psychologist myself and I run seminars for those who are helping people with different addictions and I will carry the message about Murray Method to many other towns of Russia.
Pavel: This training time gave a life preserver to many of us who were drowning in a stormy sea of reality. You have helped God to save this drowning man.

Sergei: I have been a Church practitioner and missionary for 10 years, but I do not know whether I would be able to find myself without this seminar. It has enabled me to find a solution for the personal and professional life crises that I have suffered in recent years. Now I am hoping for critical changes of my life. Please keep sowing these good seeds - this is a fertile ground!
Ludmilla: You cannot even imagine how much these trainings are helping so many people who are filled with pools of pain. If you could only have seen them the first day of the seminar, compared with the 5th day of the seminar, you would be crying from joy. I cried very much and really want to help people and those close to me. My nephew and cousin are alcoholics.
Alexei: This seminar reaches my needs in all the many places of my spiritual life - and it also gives me the opportunity to help others with the same help given to me. This material helps to free us from the past and present traumas that we have been carrying due to this very harsh world. I have been sober six years after 20 years of chemical dependency and now work at a recovery center for those who are alcoholics and have experienced trauma and I will use this method with them.
Elena: This program helped me to solve my soul's problems. I now am feeling a great relief and consolation. This program, with the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, helped me to get rid of my inferiority complex and of my inner fear that people would not understand me. Now I feel myself as a whole person. With God's help I can learn to love people and to accept them as they are.
Vadim: This really is a Christian program - it is built on the Bible principles of healing people's soul and spirit.
Roman: I am a 5th generation pastor and the other generations often were imprisoned for their faith. During this seminar, when I looked at Marilyn's eyes I saw Jesus' face. I'm not afraid. God is beginning to do something new in my life.
Nadya: Thank you for the relieving sigh of freedom! I understand that I can love myself as I am. I thank God for the day of celebration in my life when I received this knowledge. If I'm alive, it means He still needs me and other people and my family needs me. I have the ability to grow, make corrections and be happy.
Vladimir: I was a drug and alcohol addict for 15 years and for 10 years God has already been changing my life and I have been clean from drugs and alcohol. But - this seminar showed me that I still have work to do because of the trauma and pain from my past. This has helped me to know myself better and understand why I became like this. I know now that I am healthier and I also will be able to help the persons I work with in our rehabilitation center in a better way.
Tatiana: What happened in my life has been a big burden for me. My first child died right in front of my eyes. He was kept for three days in a crib and was not given to me. Then two of my children were stolen and sold to others. For 12 years my life has been full of tears and very painful memories and I had no peace. Recently, my 14 year old daughter was raped and for me this was a horrible nightmare. I thank God for these sessions that have helped me to see the light and joy. I have become a different person and I am so grateful.
Sasha: The ways of the Lord are sometimes impossible to understand. And how wonderful it is for a thirsty man to have a refreshing drink of water. This training has given us a vessel from which there comes hope and strength to keep walking on way set before us.
Lena: After the course, I feel the desire to return again to myself and be born again. I am so thankful for this gift and service! In Russia we really want to get well.
Yuri: When I heard that I had to go to another seminar, my first thought was "Not again!' "Not another seminar and 40 hours of sitting, listening, more homework, another outside teacher, and yet another one from America." But actually what she did was very simple and she said very little, but she showed us how to grow.
Nelly: Owing to this Training I experienced a shift in my spiritual evolution. The training turned to be another stage in my working the Twelve Steps program and my spiritual growth within Church.
Volodia: This week was a tremendous encouragement to me. I am thankful that so many more brothers and sisters have been added to me. I am finally learning how to be open and honest about who I really am - I am becoming free - at last. Only a free man can love openly - and today I ran home at lunch and asked forgiveness of my wife and children for all my mistakes of the past.
Alexander: I had doubts about all of this - but it works!
Katya: You can't imagine what happened inside of me thanks to this seminar. I grew up in an orphanage and experienced much trauma and pain. The information I gained here was necessary for me to receive for my health.
Ruslan: I work in prison ministry and addiction recovery. This seminar helped me so much in my relationships in my family to balance my time and energy in a healthy way. My relationship with my wife became much better. I'm very grateful - God is wonderful!
Andrei: For me this training was a very valuable gift. My recovery is a gift and happily it can change my life. I'm getting away from the old life. I am so thankful that I receive the gift of recovery and health.
Olga: I am very thankful to God for letting me know Murray's Method. It means a lot for me personally as it showed me a way out of a deep pit of my life. Thank God for you!
Konstantine: I am so thankful for the ability to know myself better now and to see the roots of my problems. Is this meeting I met Jesus in a way that I hadn't for many months, even though I have been a pastor for fifteen years. Thank you and glory to God.
Victoria: The revelations of others allowed me to be open with them, to sympathize with them and to accept their sympathy, to share with others. Prayer combined us and gave me strength; the hugs of affection warmed up my soul.
Yelena: For the very first time, I began to understand myself on a deeper level and finally was able to give my deepest pain to God. I now have an intimacy with Him.
Boris: At last, I saw the reality of things; I saw the root of all my troubles and took part in practical education on how to find a way out from troubles, guilt, pain, and shame. I haven't words to describe the emotions that I felt when I went through all the pain that I had to bury in my childhood, youth age and adult life. I wish that everybody, who wants to be like Jesus could takes part in Murray's seminar.
Natasha: These materials were very easy to learn. There were many visual examples and pictures. These days when we were been together will live in my heart forever.
Igor: It is a really important program and I would like each church to have it because people need to be more friendly, to have more unity, to be more open. Only in this way people could receive not only Christian doctrines, but also a healing from traumas that we all get in this sinful world.
Galina: This program made an impact on each person who was present there. In a few days people transformed, got free from soul traumas, and supported each other. This program helped me to discus my internal problems, see theirs root and with God's help to get victory and peace in my heart. It has helped me to make my relationships with my relatives more open and happy.
Ivan: I'm in church about 9 years, but only during these 5 days I began to understand other people and myself. It was difficult to accept myself as I am and more difficult to confess myself to ther people. At this seminar I found the cause of my difficulties. When I drew and allowed myself to dip into my childhood, past and present times - God helped me to recognize many things. Now I feel physical, emotional and spiritual heeling. The understanding of my job as a pastor was greatly raised. Now it is easy to me understand my church members and even my wife.
Alla: This training turned to be God's blessing for me. I am glad that through this training I learned how to love and respect myself and then I learned how to extend that to others - the Lord united us through His Love.
Ruslan: This is the first time that I have really seen the pain that I have caused others. Marilyn is the only person who has ever disarmed me. No pastor, missionary or any other man has been able to do it. In the past when people have tried to help me, someone from my family, a pastor, psychologist etc. they would try to force their way into my life and later they would regret it. These people have always tried to get into my "dirty laundry", but she got me to bring out my dirty laundry myself. I only wish that those who I have hurt would have been here this week so that I could ask their forgiveness. I plan to bring my wife and come to the seminar again in January.
Oleg: This seminar made an impression on me. There was a special atmosphere of love, acceptance and openness. I never felt something like this before. At first I felt discomfort because of my concealed character and it was difficult for me to open the unattractive side of my life. But later, I saw how other people shared their troubles, weakness, defects, and so I tried to open myself also. Thanks to this atmosphere of trust I could feel myself equal with others. I now look at myself from another side. I think, that if there would be such atmosphere in our church, nobody could leave it because such a church could accept any human being in spite of his depravity. I'd like for these seminars to take part everywhere and more often.
Aloyna: I understand how much God loves me and how He wants to see me as a happy, balanced adult. I am thankful to get to know about all those things that have touched the out-of-the-way spots of my soul and life.
Mihail: Thank you for letting me be open and honest to God and to people. At last I could deeply understand myself and fix those things I was ashamed of. I used to live in fear, to bear a strange blame, etc. Now I am willing get to know more and I thank God for this wonderful seminar which made so many people healthier and helped them to know more about their lives.
Diane: My husband and I have been missionaries for 26 years and this seminar was personally a time for healing of our own hurting hearts and those of our teammates. We had the leadership team, and the faculty of our training center, attend these trainings and have seen the Lord work wonderful miracles in many lives. I feel that this time was invaluable to me and so beneficial in helping us to move towards balance and healthiness - it was something we desperately needed. We plan to continue to study this method and we clearly see God's care for us through this ministry to us and to the future spiritual leaders of Russia.
Bryan: For 26 years, my wife and I have been ministering to a broken, lost, and hurting world. In the end, we are tired, hurting and broken ourselves. God used these sessions so that we might be healed, strengthened, and more healthy and effective in our lives and ministry.
Maxim: God works though people whose hearts are open for God and for others. All these days that we were been together I felt Heaven's atmosphere. Atmosphere, where everybody really loves the Lord, and each others; where everybody is open, nobody tries to cover their pains, resentments, disappointments, or sins; where we were crying and laughing together and where we didn't want go home. We need to bring this openness like leaven to our churches.
Valentina: This response I'm writing some time later, at home. Though I am again dipping into the usual life, but everything that I experienced at the seminar was not only theory - I changed - and changed my attitude to people. If before, I paid attention to people's actions, now I ask myself: "Why does he do or tell this? What is standing behind his actions? Maybe now he feels a pain or perhaps he is reminded of old spiritual wounds?" I have become understanding and accepting of people. For the first time in my life, I accept myself as I am and my depression caused by non-acceptance myself, self-torture is going far away. I accept my husband as he is with his stains. I don't feel bad if he does something different than I want and I don't try to change him anyway. Our relationship has become more close, more affectionate, and more open. I am deeply grateful for this training and how God is using it in my life and in the lives of many others.

Sergei: I admire your ability to speak about very difficult subjects in a very simple and understandable language. Thank you for the truth.
Vera: This training enabled me to have grace, deep respect and compassion for the pain of the other participants. I came to trust in my own strength and the strength of others.
Sveta: I learned that when I am being excessively caretaking of others and co-dependent, that I am standing in the way of God and not allowing Him to work in their lives. I do not want to do that and already have started to change my behavior here. Even though some of my loved ones with protest, I know that it is for the best and they need to learn how to be responsible for their own actions.
Nadejda: During my small group sessions I experienced group strength and group conscience. I experienced the miracle of my own disclosure and disclosure of other group participants. I used to wear the camouflage of a strong person all the time and it was difficult for me to give up this mask - but I am very glad I did and now have an inner peace, for the very first time.
Tatiana: I reclaimed my feelings!! Hurrah!!
Nicoli: I got a deeper understanding of others and myself; a desire to work on myself and to change myself with the help of God. I gained freedom, balance and confidence. My vision was expanded with great hopes for recovery.
Luba: I am filled with feelings of thankfulness for this unique program. For the first time in my life I started to feel myself as a real woman who is able to love, think and feel. It was difficult in the beginning - it was painful and I had my sea of tears and doubts. But now I have my started my recovery and am becoming a mature person. I started to love myself and accept myself for who I am.
Irina: Most useful for me in this training is the sentence: "Our goal is to become the persons that God has created us to be." It was very painful for me to uncover my Stubborn Selfish Child. Excessive shame stood in the way of my growth. But, I learned how to act responsibly and respectfully - and now I can accept my own Self and other people.
Vasily: I see how my pool of pain affects my responses to other people's behavior and why I always tend to over-react to many situations. I need to drain that pool so I can live in today - not always in the past. This seminar is necessary for all Russia.
Natalya: My small group gave me the support and the feeling of belonging. It gave me the opportunity to learn how to listen other people and how to express my own feelings. Since then, I have been experiencing feelings of joy and peace most of the time.
Ludmila: This seminar revealed a lot for me in my own soul. It brought me back to life!
Svetlana: First of all, the time I spent here was very fruitful for me personally. And I know it also will be greatly beneficial for those who turn to me for help. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to grow up and to change myself for the good.
Nina: This method helped me to find what has caused my fears and anger. I learned that I can avoid involving myself into an addiction. Now I am confident that I am on the road to becoming a Healthy Balanced Person. I want to accept this truth and love and share it with my relatives and circle of acquaintances. It was a miracle!
Katya: The training brought me many powerful ideas and feelings. My pool of pain was so huge and heavy, that I couldn't restrain my tears. Gradually my inner pain started to come out. I drew it and talked about it, and eventually the process of relieving my pain began. Now I feel more joyful and confident. I will be free for sure!
Valentine: I am glad that God showed me the way to this program. I think your method is necessary both for believers and nonbelievers. It is so difficult for anyone to live with the burden of the past, which could truncate the soul, as well as the whole person. God loves me, but from my side I must be skillful and be in charge of my life. Your method helps me to live differently.
Alla: During the small group sessions I was in contact with the very deep sanctuaries of other people's souls, and I experienced feelings of closeness, kindness and openness.
Olga: I could not imagine what a role my past played in my life, but I felt much easier when God started to heal my inner wounds. Now I am thankful for my past. This method taught me how I can set boundaries. I know now that I do not have to keep my pain inside, that I can tell others about my feelings. I am learning to watch reactions of my body on particular situations. I kept my diary during the seminar and noticed how God worked on me.
Andrei: I am thankful for this opportunity to look into my past honestly and get rid of my fears and diseases. I am willing to keep working to become completely recovered.

From Seminars in Ishevsk
(Teachers, Doctors, Psychologists, Mother of Drug-Addicts, Wives of Alcoholics)
My deep thanks for the wisdom of this seminar and the experience of this method which is growing now in Russia and in our Ural region.
I feel that this method is teaching us how to start to solve our internal problems, and finally to go on a way of recovery. We are most grateful for this gift.
I saw us open our hearts - now free from pain - to joyful communication with God and our nearest ones. This is an inestimable gift for Russia - this seminar helped us to discover Gods gifts for us. It has helped us to regain and vivify our own lives.
I'm so glad when I can see how everyone is receiving healing for their soul's wounds within this work - both in the sessions and in our small groups
This is an inestimable gift for Russia - this seminar helped us to discover Gods gifts for us. It has helped us to regain and vivify our own lives.
I'm so glad when I can see how everyone is receiving healing for their soul's wounds within this work - both in the sessions and in our small groups.
I could feel love of God during these sessions
Despite my former internal resistance, I now have a desire to continue in this work and wish to have more training for myself and to help my clients.
It made me happy to watch everyone meet and accept the person who God created them to be during this training.

From Seminars in Volvograd
Before the seminar I knew a lot about so many things, without knowing the most important one - myself. Now I am going to get to know my nature. As soon as I would find myself I would start finding those who are dear to me. But this time we would not make each other sick, but we would live and let live free. My pain would not have power over me any more, would not dictate me what I have to do.
I am thankful to God for this chance to get to know the real me and for having the chance to get rid of my fears and for a possibility to become the person God created me. I am going to be joyful, loving. I already have stepped on this narrow path of recovery and maturity. Hurray!! I love myself today. Thank you, I received much more from this seminar that I expected.
I feel this seminar is a very deep one. I think that this method would be helpful for every person who wants to improve their lives and make their relatives healthier, too.
I am so grateful for getting to know my life from different perspective. Good Heavens! I have done so many mistakes! But how good it is that I am able to change my current situation and to become a happy person and bring happiness to my home and loved ones, also.

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