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American Supporters Visiting Russia

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Jinger and Janell Richardson (Marilyn's daughter
and granddaughter) — June, 2004

Enjoying the boat ride in St. Petersburg.

Father Mihail with new friends.

Jinger & Janell love Red Square.

Moscow City Day.

OPORA party for
Jinger & Janell.


Michelle and Ed Robson — June, 2004

The Robsons enjoying Moscow.

Michelle and Ed Robson host us in a wonderful Russian restaurant.

Jim & Carol Hebets (HRI Board Members) bring family and friends — July, 2005

The Hebets family.

Everyone enjoying Russia.

Jim & Dr. Valentina Moskalenko.

Lunch in a Georgian garden.

Dinner at the Metropole.

Our hosts, Jim and
Carol Hebets.

Hands across the ocean can accomplish great miracles!

New friends.

Sara O'Meara & Yvonne Fedderson:
Founders of Childhelp &
Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, 2005.

Mike Tyson — September, 2005

Being part of a small group with the Murray Method Russian Teaching Team.

Enjoying everything about Tolstoy and his home.

Inside the Tolsoy house.

Mike greeted by Russian senators and government officials.

Loving Russia!

Russian Olympians.

Mike and Marilyn at St. Basils.

Dr. Greg Crow — October, 2005

Dr. Crow and American Therapists.

Dr. Crow at Russian-American Christian University as a visiting professor.

Dr. Greg Crow, Red Square.

Randy Watson (Marilyn's nephew) — May, 2006

Randy and brother Tim Watson from Krasnodar.

Randy and Tim.

Randy Watson enjoying Peterhof.

Randy Watson, Moscow; May, 2006.

Randy with Aunt Marilyn at the Hermitage.

The Four Lions, St. Petersburg.

Jack Selby — 2008

Jack Selby enjoying the Tretyakov Gallery.

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