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Russian Participants and Their Work

Russian Participant Photos Murray Method Class Photos
2002 - 2009
The Sobbing Hurting Child Drawings
The Controlling Child Drawings
The Angry Rebellious Child Drawings
The Stubborn Selfish Child Drawings
The Original Feeling Child Drawings
A Health Balanced Person Drawings

It was very difficult to select photos for this site as we had several thousand drawings from which to choose and they all were wonderful. We hope you will enjoy the following and gain a small insight into the work being done in the training sessions.

Each participant is asked to draw an image of:

· His/Her PAIN - The Sobbing Hurting Child
· His/Her DEFENSE MECHANISM - The Controlling Child
· His/Her AGGRESSION - The Angry Rebellious Child
· His/Her PASSIVE-AGGRESSION - The Stubborn Selfish Child
· Who He/She was DESIGNED TO BE - The Original Feeling Child
· Who He/She would LIKE TO BE - A Healthy Balanced Person

We also have many photos of the over 1,600 persons who have taken the trainings, so it was, again, a complex task to choose only a few as they are all very special people.

We will add and change these photos over time so please check this site again.

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