Health Restoration International, Ltd., Marilyn Murray, the Murray Method, Project Restoration Russia.

Educating and Providing Resources for Health...
Emotionally, Intellectually, Spiritually and Physically


American Donors to Health Restoration International

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Claude Lemieux, Marilyn Murray, Mike Tyson, Elena Kohn.

Cleo and Arthur Flegel.

Gayle Selby and
Diane Dillion.

Jane & Darrell Hall.

Carol and Jim Hebets.

Jim and Naomi Rhode.

Ken and Eileen Wells, Gary Clay and friend.

Lyle and Missy Anderson.

Merle Hinrichs and Tifton Simmons.

Mitch & Cleo Kelldorf.

Murray Manaster and Jerry Bisgrove.

The Richardsons - B.J., Ashley, Jinger and Brad.

Wayne and Mary Sue Watson.

Yvonne Ferguson and Sara O'Meara;
Founders of Childhelp;
Nobel Peace Prize Nominees.

Charlotte Christian.

Randy and Ken Kendricks.

Dr. Roger and Donna Pankratz.

Kay Salmon.

Carole Schwenn.

Jack Selby.

Mike Tyson.

Randy Watson.

Joy and Tim Watson.

Glenda and Dr. Ralph Earle.

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