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Educating and Providing Resources for Health...
Emotionally, Intellectually, Spiritually and Physically

The Murray Method for Clergy Members

Reclaiming God's Design For You

A program originated to help you, your family,
your colleagues and your parishioners
become who God created you to be...
a Healthy Balanced Person —
Spiritually, Emotionally, Intellectually and Physically

During the sessions you will:

  • Reclaim and restore the person the Lord designed you to be.
  • Gain an understanding of your own spiritual and emotional inner process.
  • Obtain a new awareness of the importance of health and balance in one's life — in all areas: spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical.
  • Discover the joy of intimacy with God, self and others.
  • Be provided with clear guidelines and information regarding the setting of healthy personal and professional boundaries.
  • Learn of the impact of trauma, abuse and deprivation on the human spirit and how these painful events can hinder one's ability to truly connect with God; and how to begin the healing process from these events.
  • Increase your knowledge regarding the root causes of many addictions and co-dependencies.
  • Be provided with theoretical concepts and practical information regarding prevention and treatment approaches for helping persons with the pain of trauma, abuse and neglect.
  • Learn how the church can bring hope and healing to multitudes of hurting persons by addressing their emotional needs and thus freeing them to accept the Lord into their lives by helping to remove the barriers of addiction, pain and dysfunction.
  • Receive information regarding the possibility of establishing recovery and support groups in your congregation.

These sessions are especially recommended for clergy and their spouses, as many of the exercises present concepts that effectively encourage open communication and understanding among partners and families. They also are particularly helpful for the staffs of churches and religious organizations and have been enthusiastically received by those who have done so.

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