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The Murray Method:

A Theoretical Model for The Treatment of
Trauma, Abuse and Deprivation

The series of theoretical concepts and treatment modalities which are contained within the Murray Method were created by Marilyn Murray starting in 1981. As a result of her personal desire to understand her own childhood sexual abuse issues, she developed a theory explaining how a person survives trauma which she first thought applied only to herself. However, as she continued to apply this theory as a psychotherapist, she found it generalized to other persons and went on to extend the theory to include, not only trauma, but also abuse and deprivation.

The Murray Method provides a clear and concise explanation for the consequences of childhood pain and addresses the manner in which trauma, abuse, and neglect, and the resulting defense mechanisms, create distorted thinking and emotions that greatly influence health and behavior.

This method is particularly applicable for the treatment of persons from abusive and dysfunctional backgrounds and has proven to have long-term effectiveness for clients dealing with

  • physical, sexual, emotional and/or spiritual abuse;

  • neglect and emotional deprivation;

  • relationship problems;

  • codependency;

  • and is exceptionally useful with addictions.

The Murray Method presents helpful, practical tools that are easy to comprehend and use in the treatment of children, teens and adults, couples and families.

This method embodies a universal understanding and the program has been given to health professionals and clergy from 37 countries where it has been welcomed and applied with success. Internationally recognized clinicians and professors have been among the participants of this method and have recommended it highly to their colleagues, clients and students.

The Murray Method was introduced in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2001 and in Moscow, Russia, in 2002. Professor Murray has maintained an office in Moscow since that time and alternates living two months in Russia and two months in the United States. As of 2009, participants from over 177 cities in the former USSR have attended the Murray Method program and have found it to be notably pertinent to the issues facing individuals and families in these regions.

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