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The Murray Method
Instructor Training Program

Instructor Training seminars are given in Moscow to professionals and clergy who have received completion certificates from Levels I and II, and who desire to become qualified instructors of this method. Through intensive training and personal work, they learn how to teach Murray Method Levels I and II seminars to other professionals and clergy, and to the general public. This program is by special application only and is closely monitored for quality control.

The majority of persons who have received this training thus far have completed Levels I and II numerous times and are committed to their own personal and professional health and growth.

These experiential classes give every participant the opportunity to teach various aspects of the Murray Method and to receive constructive feedback from the professor. Individuality and creativity are encouraged as each person shares their understanding of the various skill and tools.

After the training sessions, the participants participate on Teaching Teams with a supervisor and present the Murray Method in various cities throughout the former USSR.

Because we believe each Instructor should role-model what it means to work on becoming a Healthy Balanced Person, each applicant's personal level of growth also is assessed and thus not all persons who apply for Instructor Training are accepted. It may be recommended that they repeat Levels I and II and perhaps do additional personal work. We also may suggest they seek advanced education in counseling psychology and/or addictions treatment.

Who May Attend:

Health Professionals and Clergy who have received completion certificates from the Murray Method Program, Levels I and II.

Requirements for Acceptance into Instructor Training:

  • Complete special application available during final day of Level II (or contact office) and submit to Murray Method office;
  • Write papers required by specific level and submit to Murray Method office;
  • Be sober from alcohol and drugs and in recovery, with no relapses, for a minimum of two years;
  • Be free from nicotine use for a minimum of six months and continue to be sober from this addiction;
  • Participant to have intention to use this training to teach the Murray Method to other health professionals, to clergy and/or to the general public;
  • Will be willing to participate on Teaching Teams for experience and supervision before attempting to present the Murray Method alone;
  • Will commit to abide by the Murray Method protocol in all sessions in which they represent this method;
  • Have a personal commitment to maintain a Healthy Balanced Person lifestyle personally, professionally and in all relationships.

Requirements During Training Sessions:

  • Participate in small groups;
  • Be willing to commitment time for both class work and home tasks;
  • Honor punctuality;
  • Attend all classes and groups;
  • Complete all home tasks, as assigned, prior to beginning of class.


Certificates for each Level will be provided by the Murray Method.

Certificates will not be given if a participant:

  • Is late more than one time,
    Misses any class or group time,
    Does not do all homework as assigned, or
    Does not have homework finished before class time.


  • Level One Instructor Training:
    Five days — Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Participants participate in teaching all aspects of Level I material with feed-back from professor, and practice speaking skills with audience participation. By application only.
  • Level Two Instructor Training:
    Twenty days given in two, ten-day segments and one five-day segment — Monday through Friday,
    9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Participants participate in teaching all aspects of Level II material with feed-back from professor; special emphasis will be placed on training for specific audiences (psychological professionals, clergy, general public). By Special Invitation Only.

Once a year five-day training supervision classes are required to maintain certificate.
Sessions taught in Russian and in English.

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