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Educating and Providing Resources for Health...
Emotionally, Intellectually, Spiritually and Physically

Founder and Executive Director:
Marilyn Murray

Marilyn Murray, Founder, Health Restoration InternationalRecognized internationally as a psychotherapist, theorist, author and educator, Marilyn Murray is a well-known presenter at psychological conferences, universities, churches, to the general public and in the media. As an authority regarding abuse and its consequences, she has specialized in intensive therapy in private practice and has given her Murray Method Theory and Training Seminars since 1983.

As a result of her own healing journey, Ms. Murray has been afforded insight and understanding into the long-term consequences of childhood trauma. This experience, coupled with her extensive work with victims and offenders, provides her with unique abilities as a clinician. She is one of the first rape victims to act as therapist to incarcerated rapists and child molesters and worked in the Arizona Prison system part time for six years on a pro bono basis.

She created and taught a specialty program for Ottawa University graduate students in Phoenix, Arizona entitled, "The Treatment of Trauma, Abuse and Deprivation". She also teaches for an international university in Hawaii, the Netherlands and the Ukraine and has had participants from 37 nations.

Ms. Murray retired from private practice in 2004 and became the founder and director of Health Restoration International, Ltd. which provides education and resources for emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual health. Since 2002, she has lived half-time in Russia where she presents her method to health professionals and to clergy regarding the treatment of trauma, abuse, deprivation, and their effects on addictions. In addition, she is a guest professor at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education where she offers post-graduate courses to professionals working with abused children and their families; she also gives regular trainings to the faculty, staff and students of a seminary in southern Russia. Ms. Murray now has participants from over 177 cities in the former USSR.

She is the author of "Prisoner of Another War" (1991), and her new book, "Wisdom for a Healing Journey." will be released in Russian by Piter Publishing, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ms. Murray maintains offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Moscow, Russia.

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