Health Restoration International, Ltd., Marilyn Murray, the Murray Method, Project Restoration Russia.

Educating and Providing Resources for Health...
Emotionally, Intellectually, Spiritually and Physically

Health Restoration International, Ltd. is a non-profit foundation, receiving their 501 (c)(3) designation from the United States Government in 2004.

Founded by Marilyn Murray, this organization sponsors training programs entitled: The Murray Method, regarding The Treatment of Trauma, Abuse and Deprivation and their correlations with addictions. While these seminars are given internationally, the primary focus at this time is Project: Restoration Russia - Helping Russians Save Their Children, Their Families and Themselves, with the objective of supplying education and resources that will enable individuals and families in the former USSR to address their emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical health issues with well-trained professionals and clergy.

Because the Soviet system denied that any type of abuse or addiction existed in their countries, universities did not provide education regarding these destructive issues. As a result, health professionals and clergy now desire education and experience concerning the treatment of their clients, patients and parishioners — but they also realize it is essential that they first address their own emotional wounds before they can help bring healing to others. By attending the specialized training sessions sponsored by Health Restoration International, Ltd., the participants are learning how to become healthy, balanced persons and thus are committed to creating a paradigm shift toward personal, professional, and relational well being throughout a population traumatized by generations of wars, terrorism, repressions, deprivation and addictions.

The following comments are typical of ones made by physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, professors and clergy in response to their training experience:

"I can not find enough words to express my profound gratitude for this training which will help bring healing to the people of the former USSR."

"You won't believe what your kind hearts and donations are doing in our country. We have been given a piece of the sky! What we have learned in these training sessions in bringing us salvation from centuries of pain — you have our eternal gratitude."

"Thank you for coming here and bringing the light and hope we so desperately needed. We will take this message and 'shine' everywhere — at home, at work, at church."

"We never knew there was anything we could do to change our lives and situations before — now we know. We have seen our lives begin to blossom and grow right before our eyes during these weeks."

"I thank you for your understanding of the situation in our country and for your readiness to help us recover from the trauma and psychological problems we had and still have."

"These seminars are the breakthroughs in our lives. You can't imagine how important this is for us to start to become healthy — emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically. We actually are learning about 'Balance!'"

"God truly worked a miracle here in this seminar. Now I understand the word 'Freedom' differently - it is not a slogan anymore — it is a deep personal experience and I shall never allow myself to be without it again."

"My hearty thanks to the charitable people of America who invested in my own recovery and training. I am committed to taking this healing message to all my clients, family and friends. May God bless you all — we are praying for you with thanksgiving every day."

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